UMAFS - is now - Physician Wealth Advisors

Financial products and services for physicians

We measure our success by how well our clients achieve their personal financial and life goals. Many physicians regard financial planning as complex and confusing. And few have the time to dig in and gain the expertise required. As a result, they often miss out on many potentially rewarding financial opportunities. They also take unnecessary risks and fail to adequately protect their assets. This is where Physician Wealth Advisors can provide guidance and assistance. Our goal is to take the mystery out of investing, managing risk, preparing for retirement, and preserving wealth.


Investment Management

You may have the essential financial obligations covered and a good retirement plan in place. But what about additional investments? Our Wealth Management Team has the knowledge and expertise to make sure you are taking advantage of the right investments for your situation...

Retirement Planning

You can expect to be more active and live longer during your retirement years. That's why it's essential to have the resources necessary to sustain the lifestyle to which you and your family have become accustomed. When it comes to planning for retirement, you should be asking yourself - How much do you need? How long will it last?

Income Planning

One of the most important services we offer physicians may be a well-structured and sustainable retirement income strategy. Considering the many methods for structuring such a strategy, this process may be overwhelming to retirees...

Risk Management

Insurance plays a vitally important role in a comprehensive financial plan for physicians as they have higher earning potential as well as greater liability risk than the average American family. Insurance protection should allow physicians to live life knowing that if something happens to them...