Retirement Planning


You can expect to be more active and live longer during your retirement years. That's why it's essential to have the resources necessary to sustain the lifestyle to which you and your family have become accustomed.

When it comes to planning for retirement, you should be asking yourself - How much do you need? How long will it last? When it comes to saving for retirement, many physicians are unclear about where they stand and what to do next.

Physician Wealth Advisors' top-notch advisors can help you lay the groundwork for the retirement you envision - with practical, personal guidance, helping you make sense of the many options available, and clear next steps.


Our plan types

Physician Wealth Advisors provides retirement plan services for 401(k), profit sharing, 403(b), 457, and defined benefit plans. We also offer services for non-qualified and ESOP plans. UMAFS consults with plan sponsors as an ERISA 3(21) fiduciary for investments along with other services to include plan design, request for proposals (RFP), vendor searches, education and communication, ERISA compliance, competitive benchmarking and advice. Our commitment to retirement plan clients helps you meet your Fiduciary responsibilities while providing employees with tools and resources to achieve their retirement goals. Our independence and fee transparency allow us to provide unbiased advice and recommendations. We work in collaboration with leading trusted institutional partners to offer state-of-the-art retirement services.

Flexible retirement plans that are managed for you

Physician Wealth Advisors goes to great lengths to make providing a retirement plan a pleasant experience. Physician Wealth Advisors handles all participant level services including education and communication, advice, and executive financial planning. We work directly with your staff to evaluate their specific needs and goals for their retirement plan. We then utilize additional educational resources to help your team successfully grow and develop their knowledge and experience. This process allows your staff to build and manage their wealth to meet their individual financial goals.