What Guides Us

Guided by a strong belief in markets, we help investors pursue higher expected returns through advanced portfolio design and careful implementation. An enduring philosophy and strong client commitment underpin our approach.  

INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY AND PROCESS: We believe that security prices reflect all publicly available information; although, in the short term misinformation can create inefficiencies in prices. In an effort to reduce risk and increase expected return we design portfolios that are:  

Diversified Across Countries and Asset Classes: Market returns are difficult to reliably predict.  With this understanding, we recommend diversified investments spanning many securities and markets. Diversification among asset classes will help create a return stream that is driven by multiple markets rather than by a single market return. Selecting investments that provide pure asset class exposure enables us to diversify across many securities minimizing the risk associated with individual security selections. We do acknowledge however that some active managers have demonstrated skill in security selection or market timing; we allow the flexibility for clients to own actively managed portfolios if the client has a preference, for tax or other reasons, of doing so.

Dynamically Rebalanced:  We maintain a firm conviction that rebalancing is a key driver to an individual’s investment experience. We have the tools in place to rebalance portfolios as they breach pre-determined asset weightings. This removes the guesswork and adds a disciplined investment process.

Asset Classes with Higher Expected Returns also are Inherently more Volatile: Financial markets generally offer higher returns to investors willing to accept higher levels of risk. However, these premiums for risk may be minimal, or even nonexistent, over short periods of time. We believe that investors who adopt a long-term strategy are more likely to reap the rewards for their exposures to risk. We seek to add value by building portfolios that appropriately correspond to an individual or family’s desired level of risk. Depending on an individual’s risk appetite or time horizon we may tilt portfolios to areas of the market that exhibit characteristics of higher expected return such as value, size, profitability, and momentum. These tilts can also introduce additional risks. We may use alternative investments to either manage risk or increase expected return.